Erfarenheter från Coaching:

"A Personal Breakthrough Session is an act of love towards your self-respect and dignity. Anders leads you with caring empathy through good and bad moments in your life, helping you to shed their burden once and for all. He inspires immediate confidence maintaining a good balance of involvement when supporting and leading you through your journey. Anders is not only inducing trance and hypnosis, he IS hypnosis himself.

The Personal Breakthrough Session is not only about what happens during the session but about every step you take after leaving the room with Anders.

The transformation continues to grow on you from deep within. A tingling sensation of happiness knocking on your door. I strongly recommend a session together with Anders, that will transform and free you from what you previously thought would be an impossibly long journey!"

Johanna Maryssael
Managing Director
Dragonfly Consulting AB

Individuell Coaching